Adams Speedline Complete Set - Senior

Adams Speedline Complete Set - Senior
Adams Speedline Complete Set - Senior Speedline set the standard for easy to hit innovation. It started with industry‑leading aerodynamic shaping for faster clubhead speed and is known now for advancing ball speed and distance standards utilizing velocity slot technology. With technology like this, the Speedline Complete Set is a smart choice for any golfer who wants to get more distance, ball speed and easy to hit playability throughout the bag. Take your game to the next level with Speedline. Aerodynamic-shaped Driver Fairway woods are part of the Adams Golf heritage and these Speedline Fairway Woods are extremely easy to hit due to oversized shaping and a refined sole design that helps the ball get airborne and forward out of any lie. Hybrids The oversize shape of the Super Hybrid is like having a long iron replacement� on steroids. It's a high-performance alternative that gives you added distance, forgiveness and exceptional playability. Irons & PW Very easy‑to‑hit with features that are both forgiving and versatile. Cavity-back design lowers the center of gravity and a wide sole instills confidence. Perimeter weighting maximizes forgiveness. Tom Watson Signature Sand Wedge Throughout Tom Watson's legendary career, that includes 68 professional wins with 8 major championships, he's displayed an incredible short game that's been an essential part of his success. The new Tom Watson Signature Sand Wedge meets his very high standards of shaping, feel, versatility and performance. Putter Classic-shaped putter constructed of soft stainless steel for enhanced feel and perimeter weighting for a more stable stroke. Club Loft Lie Length Swing Weight Dexterity FLEX Driver 12� 57� 45.5" D2 R Lite 3-Wood 18� 58� 43" D1 R Lite 5-Wood 20� 59� 42.5" D1 R Lite 6-Hybrid 25� 61� 38" D1 R Lite 7 33� 62� 37" D1 R Lite 8 37� 62.5� 36.5" D1 R Lite 9 41� 63� 36" D1 R Lite PW 45� 63.25� 35.75" D1 R Lite SW 56� 63.5� 35.25" D3 R Lite Putter 4� 70� 35" R Lite
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BRAND-> Adams Golf -> Club Sets
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Price: 399.95