Aim-Mate Golf Alignment Aid 2 Pack

Aim-Mate Golf Alignment Aid 2 Pack
Aim-Mate Golf Alignment Aid The Aim-Mate golf training aid is designed to improve the golfer's directional alignment and understanding of the swing plane. This flexible, lightweight and highly versitile product enables you to perfect your skills on the driving range, practice greens and on the golf course in non-competitive games. Simple, effective and affordable. A must have accessory for the golfer serious about improving their game. $f("player", {src: "/videos/flowplayer/flowplayer.commercial-3.1.5.swf", cachebusting: true}, { key: '#$450d1f2cfdf440be091', clip: { url: "", autoPlay: false, autoBuffering: true } });   Aim-Mate Features Multiple aids in one, the two faces of Aim-Mate each have very different uses. Use the long play face and the putting face to help improve multiple elements of your game. Simple to understand and use Suitable for all levels and age of golfer Suitable for left and right handed players Compatible with all woods, irons and putters Soft rubber construction so no scratch damage to your clubs when using it Accommodates most styles of Tee so you can use in a practice round or down on the range. Fits tightly over the driving range rubber tee to hold it in place whilst you practice with purpose Aim-Mate Benefits An effective alignment aid that you can keep in your golf bag, so that it's always available Perfect for a pre round warm up, a training session or a practice round Increases directional accuracy through improved target alignment Assists with your set up routine. Use the putting channel to help you improve your reading of greens Aids understanding of the swing plane Reduces divot damage on a grass Tee Will help to reduce your handicap and so you can enjoy your golf more Lose less balls and save money If you are: A golfer looking to set up and aim correctly on every shot A golf coach looking for innovative ways to help your clients grasp and visualise the concepts you are teaching them Someone looking for a great present for a golfing friend or relative Aim-Mate is the product for you Professional Golf Coach Aim-Mate is an excellent coaching aid that you can use to demonstrate and hone the key building blocks for great golf It's versatility and portability means that you can use it where ever, whenever and however you want Aim-Mate is inexpensive, so once your client has bought one, you can rest assured that they will be able to consistently practice what you teach them Build the price of an Aim-Mate into your coaching programs Aim-Mate is not bulky so you don't need extra storage space at your facility Aim-Mate is intuitive to use and will not intimidate your clients For the Golfer Aim-Mate is an excellent practice aid to help you set up and aim correctly on every shot Aim-Mate is an excellent practice aid to help you focus on and hone the skills you already have. It's perfect for a pre-round warm up routine Aim-Mate can help you build your confidence. Take it out on the golf course and use it in practice rounds Off the Tee - to aid that key shot On the Fairway - for alignment validation On the Green - as a putting aid for alignment but you can also use the putting channel to improve your reading of the green Aim-Mate can help you play better golf, have more fun and lose less balls When not in use, store it flat in the side pocket of your golf bag, so that it is always at hand when you want it   Testimonials "Since practicing putting with my Aim-Mate, I have saved on average 5-6 putts per round. That's progress." Joe Murphy Milton Keynes UK "Alignment & a consistent club head path are key to a low score. The 'Aim-Mate' is a portable & easy to use aid to maintain these criteria." John Roberts Club golfer for 12 years "Aim-Mate has improved my alignment and by keeping the club head square on impact. I now consistently hit the ball straighter than ever have before. Having spent a long time trying to break into single figures, finally I have found a golf training aid that will keep me there." Simon Parr South West France "Aim-mate a golf training aid that's easy to use around the course or on the range. Aim-Mate has improved my confidence to get out there. Looking forward to my next invite to a company golf day." Mrs Price Reading UK
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