Axis 2 Angle Golf Swing Trainer

Axis 2 Angle Golf Swing Trainer
Axis2 Angle Golf Swing Trainer � Axis2Angle �golf swing trainer was designed and built for golfers of all ages and every level of play. Sincethe beginning of the prototype at Capesius�Golf Academy,� Axis2Angle �swing trainer has proven to be adifference maker for many golfers having trouble finding consistency in their swings and�games. Axis2Angle� main focus is trying to keep and maintain the spine and shaft angle in and throughout the�golf swing. The�transformation in�golfer's swings who have committed to using and practicing with the swing trainer are�undeniable in their feel and repetitive motion, ultimately�improving their performance. Axis2Angle �golf swing�trainer provides the consumer with a product that can do more than what it is intended for in it's�original use.� Axis2Angle �swing trainer transforms swings in just a short period of time with dedicated practice in�season�or out of season. �"The Axis2Angle is one of the most effective teaching aids I have ever used. The two most important aspects of any teaching aid in my mind are; simplicity and effectiveness. It is very easy for anyone to set up and facilitates positive change within just a few swings. It is a must have for any instructor!" Chris Winkel - PGA Professional 2001 IPGA Teaching Prof. of the Year
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