Bat-Caddy X3 Pro Electric Push Cart w- Free Accessory Kit

Bat-Caddy X3 Pro Electric Push Cart w- Free Accessory Kit
Bat Caddy X3 Pro Electric Golf Push Cart The brand new 2014 Bat Caddy X3 Golf Caddy is an extension of our highly successful manually controlled electric battery powered golf caddy X3 with even more features, functionality and performance at world-class quality and very competitive pricing. The X3 Pro frame design has been modified to incorporate an easy-to-use new 2-click folding mechanism, making the high tech aluminum classic and elegant S-Shape frame even more sturdy while still offering the convenience of being just one piece. It also features a powerful quiet 200 Watt motor, a seamless rheostat speed control and digital speed control display, timed advance distance (10, 20, 30 meters/yards), the convenient Go/Stop cruise control function, as well as a USB port for your GPS or cell phone. The caddy is being offered with a strong standard 26/27Ah sealed lead acid battery with the option to upgrade to an even more powerful 34/25Ah caddy battery or now also a super light, compact, 3 times as long lasting and environmentally friendly 20Ah Lithium-Ion battery. The new color enhanced T-handle makes usage easy for both right and left handers. The trolley can also be easily pushed without battery power, so you will never be stuck out on the course. The X3 Pro differentiates itself from the X3 by its sturdier frame design, the digital handle display and the color accented design. The X3 Pro is without doubt one of the highest performance and well equipped manually controlled battery golf push carts in the market for motorized golf push carts, and like our other models it represents what really counts in this market: A Great Balance between Functionality, Performance, Practicality and Value! Bat Caddy X3 Pro 2014 Battery Golf Cart Features at a Glance High Tech Aluminum Alloy S-Frame and Durable Components - Light weight, durable, best looking in the Industry. Durable and strong components are the key ingredient for a high quality caddy and a lasting positive experience. Bat-Caddy uses only high grade aluminum and stainless steel for its key components, such as the frame, gear boxes and axles. Powerful, Quiet, Fast Motor - The X3 Pro features a powerful 200 Watt, very quiet DC electric motors. Works and lasts like a tank!!! Rear Wheel Drive - Both rear wheels are propelled via a steel gearbox and axle, so the cart does not lose traction uphill nor does it spin the front wheel while lifting or turning, unlike with all front wheel drive caddies. Beware of front wheel drive caddies which also have the motor weight that needs to be lifted every time you turn!! The Bat-Caddy Golf Caddy is smartly designed as an electric golf push cart and not just a retrofitted push cart! Off- Power Freewheeling Mode Feature - In Off-Power mode the X3 is completely free wheeling, so even if you ever run out of battery power you can push the X3 just like a manual push cart!! Many caddies don't have this capability and you will be stuck on the course if you lose power! Efficient 12V 26/27Ah Battery - Sufficient for a minimum of 27-36 Holes on a full charge! The X3 Pro can be even upgraded to a 33-35Ah battery, the strongest in the market for a manually controlled cart giving you more than 36 holes range before recharge! NEW: Upgradable to a super light, compact and environmentally friendly 20Ah Lithium-Ion battery with 3 times the charging cycle life time . Lithium Charger included. High Tech, Rubberized Adjustable Front and Wide Track Rear Drive Wheels with Magnesium Look Rims for easy maneuverability and superior traction - Smooth turning, great traction on wet inclines and NEVER left out on the course with a flat tire! The front wheel comes with rounded edges and strengthened rubber tread optimizes turning and abrasion resistance on rough surfaces. In addition the front wheel can be adjusted with a tracking adjustment mechanism. Innovative Handle Functions - The newly designed T-Handle controls include an On/Off button, timed advance function controls (advance 10, 20, 30 meters/yards), Stop/Go cruise control function, USB port for GPS or cell phone, as well as the manual seamless speed control rheostat dial. This color enhanced handle emphasizes the high tech design with a digital display of the speed setting and gives you total control over the caddy at all times. Weatherproof - The Bat-Caddy X3 Pro also has a weatherproof design, i.e. the controller and handle electronics are sealed and/or protected from the lements, so your caddy will be reliable even in the wettest conditions. We guarantee that you will quit before the X3 Pro does! Easy Two-Click Fold Design - collapses into one piece (not two or three like others) in seconds to fit in any vehicle trunk - No engineering degree required!! Useful and innovative accessories, such as scorecard holder, umbrella holder, beverage holder, carrying bag, rain cover or a sand dispenser bottle can complement the X3R package. Please check our SPECIAL OFFERS for promotions that include most of these accessories for free. Full One Year Factory Warranty on Caddy Parts and Labor! Great Value!!! Standard Handle Control Version: MSRP $745.00 / NOW SPECIAL SALE ONLY $545.00 (Battery upgrade: +$25.00) Upgradable Lithium-Ion battery option: +$400.00 (Li-Io charger included) Features: Bat Caddy X3 Pro Electric Golf Push Cart  • Handle Functions: Manual seamless Rheostat Control, Timed Advance Function (10, 20, 30 M/Y), Cruise Control, Digital Speed Indicator, Function: Forward, Stop; USB port for GPS or cell phone  • Motor: Power: 1 x 200 Watt, 12 V DC Electric  • Drive Train: Rear Wheel Drive, Gear Ratio (17:1)  • Battery: Power: 12V, 26/27Ah (upgradable to 34/35Ah), Dimension: 8" x 5" x 6", Weight: ca. 20 Lbs, Average Charge Time: 4-8 Hours, Lifetime: ca. 150+ charges* NOW ALSO: 12V 20Ah Lithium Battery @ only 6 lbs and 500 charges  • Charger: Input: 110-240V AC, Output: 12V/2A-3A DC Trickle Charger  • Weight: Net Weight Caddy: 20.7 Lbs (9.4kg), Net Weight Battery: 17.8 Lbs (8 kg), Li Battery: 6 Lbs; Total Net Weight: 26 - 38 Lbs (11.8-17,2 kg)  • Speed: 5.4 m/h (8.6km/h)  • Distance/Range: 15 miles (25 km)/10-12 h/27-36 Holes  • Dimensions: Unfolded: Length: 48", Width: 21.5", Height: 39"  • Dimensions: Folded: Length: 34", Width: 21.5", Height: 17"  • Rear Wheels: Airless, rubberized tread, Quick Release Mechanism  • Front Wheels: Airless, rubberized tread  • Materials: Frame: Aluminum, Bag Support: ABS  • Colors: Oxidized Silver, Handle black/yellow  • Complimentary Accessories: Scorecard Holder  • Optional Accessories: Cup Holder, Umbrella Holder, Carrying Bag, Rain Cover, Seat, Sand Dispenser  • Warranty: 1 Year on all Parts & Labor, 1 Year on battery  • Packaging: Type: Cardboard Box, Styrofoam Cushioning, Dimensions: 35 x 21 x 14”, Gross Weight: 55 Lbs (25 kg)  • Gross Weight Box: 52.8 Lbs (24 kg) Warranty Information What is covered? Any defect in material and workmanship resulting from personal, normal use in accordance with the owner�s manual. For how long? One (1) year from the day of purchase for caddy, caddy parts, battery and electronics. Caddy accessories are covered under this warranty for 90 days. Who gets the warranty? The warranty is nontransferable and limited to the person who originally purchased the product. Geographic scope: This warranty applies only to original Bat-Caddy products purchased in the United States, Canada and Western Europe from Bat-Caddy, a local fully authorized Bat-Caddy dealer or distributor. International shipping cost for product, parts or repair services exported from the country of original purchase are not covered by warranty. LIMITATIONS & LIABILITY: IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING THOSE OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND MERCHANTABILITY ARE LIMITED TO ONE YEAR FROM DATE OF PURCHASE. WE WILL NOT PAY FOR: LOSS OF USE OF YOUR PRODUCT OR PROPERTY DAMAGE CAUSED BY YOUR GOLF TROLLEY PRODUCT OR ITS FAILURE TO WORK; ANY SPECIAL INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES RESULTING FROM PERFORMANCE OR FAILURE TO PERFORM UNDER THIS AGREEMENT, OR FROM THE FURNISHING, PERFORMANCE OR USE OF ANY GOODS OR SERVICE SOLD PURSUANT HERETO, WHETHER DUE TO A BREACH OF CONTRACT, BREACH OF WARRANTY, NEGLIGENCE, MISUSE OR MODIFICATION OF THE PRODUCT OR OTHERWISE NEITHER YOU NOR SPACOM SHALL HAVE ANY LIABILITY TO THE OTHER FOR INDIRECT OR PUNITIVE DAMAGES, OR FOR ANY CLAIM BY ANY THIRD PARTY EXCEPT AS EXPRESSLY PROVIDED HEREIN. What we will do: If your caddy or any parts thereof are defective under the terms and definitions of this warranty, we will send you replacement parts, repair it or, at our discretion, replace it at no charge to you. Refunds may be issued only according to the Company's current return policy in the Terms & Conditions. How to get warranty service? To get warranty service for your trolley you must contact one of Bat-Caddy's Service & Support Centers and provide proof of date and place of purchase of the product. At our discretion we will provide one of the following Warranty services: Do-It-Yourself Service : Call a Bat-Caddy Service Center to diagnose the problem and make arrangements to get appropriate replacement parts. Bat-Caddy Shop Service : If repair cannot be reasonably easy performed by customer, we will return your caddy or the defective parts in question to one of our Service Centers and repair or replace them at our expense. 3rd Party Shop Service : In certain cases repairs might be performed faster and more cost effective by a local 3rd party mechanic or repair shop, and Bat-Caddy might choose such services at our discretion. In such cases Bat-Caddy will reimburse reasonable repair cost. For warranty services you must retain the original packing material in the event you need to ship your product back to one of our Service Centers. Charges for replacement packaging and shipping of such will apply. Upon contacting a Bat-Caddy Service Center or authorized dealer we will determine the appropriate service option under this warranty. What this warranty does not cover: This warranty does not cover wear parts, such as rubber tire treads or remote control batteries. The warranty does not cover any defects resulting from accidents, damage while in transit to our service locations, or damage resulting from alterations, misuse or abuse, lack of proper maintenance, water damage due to hosing down or power washing product or submerged contact with water hazards, lakes or other water bodies, any loss of control of the unit resulting in equipment or consequential damage, unauthorized repair or modifications of the product, affixing any attachment not provided with the product, overloading of the product, fire, flood, or acts of God, or failure to follow the instructions in the Owner�s manual. This warranty also does not cover any international shipping cost or foreign repair services due to exportation of the cart from the country of original purchase. This warranty is the only one we will give on your product, and it sets forth all our responsibilities regarding your product. There are no other express warranties! Please read our legal notice and terms and conditions at as they may contain additional regulations and legal obligations or restrictions between the parties. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary under local and State law.  
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