BenderStik Golf Training Aid with Base

BenderStik Golf Training Aid with Base
BenderStik Golf Training Aid - Benderstik Base Now Included ($49.95 Value) The BenderStik golf training aid is designed to help you build a consistent golf swing that will last for a lifetime. To improve at golf you must use either positive or negative feedback while training your swing. With the BenderStik golf swing trainer, it doesn�t matter where or when you practice, the Benderstik provide this all-important feedback. No one picks up a club for the first time and swings it with a naturally proper and efficient motion. The reason we all have the different golf swings we do is because we repeated the motion over and over until it built a motor program in our brain. With this repetition comes familiarity and comfort. In order to change and improve your current motor program you must use feedback to disrupt the old familiar movement and to guarantee the new desired swing motion is actually occurring. This type of practice produces correct new feelings, which ultimately transfer to the course during play after enough correct repetitions. The more you practice with feedback, the more ingrained the new motion becomes and the more reliable the new swing. Practice does not make perfect, but perfect practice makes perfect and if you are not using feedback in your practice you are wasting your time. The BenderStik Training Aid Includes 30-minute instructional video by Mike Bender-2009 PGA National Golf Instructor of the Year, Mike demonstrates how to practice with the BenderStik to get the instant feedback you need to cure common swing faults like: * Inside or outside takeaway * Not Overswinging (Proper way to Create width) * Inside out swing path (over the top) * Head movement * Hip sway or slide (Create proper hip turn) * Pour Impact(flip) * Chicken wing (Improve extension)
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