Big Moss TW Series

Big Moss TW Series
Big Moss Golf Big Moss TW Series Big moss TW series two way putting green. Cup at each end, 2 cups! Putt back and forth, practice down grain fast putts and up grain slower putts. Chip into the grain and watch the ball check up! Included: small chipping mat, 1 break snake,2 chipping balls, manual included! Get your game on! These are #1 in putting and chipping greens. Roll up and move anywhere! The longer length is awesome! The roll is like a fresh cut green and as true as can be. If your an avid golfer and want to work on your short game this winter, this is for you! Also the entertainment value is priceless with family and friends. All the while keeping the putter and wedge in your hands. Never ever a dissatisfied golfer with big moss putting greens! If you love golf, you'll love this green! Last year i went from a 10 hcp to a 5 hcp! This year my goal is 3 hcp! (yes, i'm always putting and chipping any chance i get!) Confidence is built through repetition! There are no short cuts! Remember this and you will get better. Choose from 2'x10', 2'x12', or 2'x15'
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Golf
BRAND-> Big Moss -> Practice & Training
STATUS-> instock

Price: 153.00