Big Nickel Putter

Big Nickel Putter
The Big Nickel Smart Putter Traditional putters are often produced and marketed on the assumption that one size will fit all. We know from experience that fitting putters, as in fitting shoes, one size cannot satisfy everyone. Except for the Big Nickel Smart Putter by Au Tech. The Big Nickel Smart Putter by Au Tech is the only weight-adjustable putter that is USGA approved and patented. Let the smart putter by Au Tech give you the perfect putter fit that you desire. It is the first and only putter that you really need. It is weight-adjustable from 250 grams to over 500 grams. Choose the weight that is best for the distance control of your putt. The toe-heal weight is adjustable. Place toe-heel weight to zero in on your best putting accuracy. Sighting is extraordinarily outstanding.    Benefits   • Program the optimum feel for best distant perception and control  • Configure the important toe/heel weight and balance for precision putting accuracy  • Find the largest sweet spot for maximum consistency  • Compensate for slow or fast green conditions  • Provide every golfer with many exciting putter options for the price of one  • Offer precision custom putter fitting that traditional putters cannot provide at any price.  • Give the professional and avid golfers the necessary edge to win the big one  How it works The Big Nickel Programmable Smart Putter by Au Tech is possibility the most innovative and effective new putter on the market today. The patented breakthrough putter design can provide each golfer with the unprecedented selection of preferred putter swing weights, putter toe/heel balance and sweet spot configurations. These programmable features will give each golfer access to the best putter feel, fit, accuracy and consistency that suit his/her own putting style and stroke to achieve the optimum putting game First determine the Best Putter Feel by inserting equal number of weights in the toe and heel position to establish the ideal Swing-weight of the putter assembly. This weight regulates the important Feel for distance perception and control by the user. It is different for each golfer, therefore, it must be accurately determine by trials on the green by each golfer. The balance of the putter head to improve accuracy can be adjusted by transferring weights from the toe position to the heel or visa-versa without affecting the Feel established above. If the tendency of the golfer is to putt to the right of the target because of his/her putting style or stroke, more weights should be transferred from heel to the toe position. Similarly, frequent putts to the left can be corrected by weight transfer to the heel. The largest sweet spot to enhance consistency/forgiveness can be accessed by placing the weights at the extreme toe/heel positions to obtain the maximum moment of inertia. The innovative Smart Putter also allows a more central weight placement for users who prefer such a location. Simply adjust the number of spacers at the center to increase or decrease the size of the sweet spot desired. Weights can also be added or removed to compensate for the speed of the green. Weights should be added or reduced equally at the toe and heel positions so that the balance is not affected by the change. More weights can be added to accommodate a slow green. Weights can be reduced accordingly to manage a fast green. This change readjust the Feel to manage extraordinary green conditions encountered by the golfer at different courses and in various geographic locations. Please note that USGA rules permit changes to be made prior to the start of a round. No changes are allowed during a round of golf in tournament play. The weight plugs should be tightened firmly but not excessively before the beginning of play. As described above the Smart Putter clearly adds a new dimension to accurate putting that is not previously available to golfers, it is virtually like having a complete line of putters from which to select the best for each golfer. The Big Nickel Smart Putter by Au Tech conforms to USGA rules and is patented. Heavy brass toe/heel cap screws give the highest MOI. Get the Big Nickel Program-able Smart Putter by Au Tech to enhance your putting game. Call or order now for a limited time introductory offer. The Smart Putter is weight-adjustable from 250 grams to over 500 grams. Choose the weight that is best for you by experience or trial. Toe-heel weight is uniquely adjustable. Place toe-heel weight to zero in on your best putting stroke. Sighting is extraordinarily outstanding. Shaft placement is optional.  
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