Big Oak Havana Putter by Dave Curry

Big Oak Havana Putter by Dave Curry
Big Oak Havana Big Oak Putters incorporate Dave Curry's patented top weight designs. Dubbed the "cue ball effect" by Curry, overspin is generated immediately at impact by concentrating the center of gravity or mass above the equator of the ball at impact. Much like a cue stick impacting the cue ball in billiards, overspin is achieved above the equator of the ball, "NOT" below the equator like other manufacturers designs. Don't be fooled by copies of this principle hitting the market today. Big Oak doesn't do spaceships with bulges and weight bars. Milled from only the finest carbon steel billets to exact tolerances, you will find unbelievable feel in all the models. When we mention feel, it is not a soft feel such as the numerous insert models on the market today. These only mask or hide where the ball was struck. A firm click identifies through the shaft and hands where the ball impacted the face of the putter. This is "true" feel. The only way to improve your putting is to know where you are missing. The soft insert putters do not allow this. Big Oak does. Utilizing True Temper* shafts and Bidwell* leather grips, Curry believes only top shelf product should be used. Each putter comes with a logoed Big Oak putter boot manufactured in the U.S. Trained under one of the few master designers in the game today, Curry believes slow controlled manufacture insures the most balanced, solid, and aesthetically pleasing putters on the market today. Lie Angle: 72* Patented Top Weighting All Carbon Steel Mallet - No aluminum or brass weighting Used on The PGA Tour Independent laser and computer test lab proves that the Havana has the best roll, a truer Center of Gravity and better feel than any out there. If you have any questions about this product or would like to order by phone, please call us Toll Free at 888-733-8383. We look forward to hearing from you!
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