Bobby Jones- How I Play Golf

Bobby Jones- How I Play Golf
Bobby Jones: How I Play Golf (DVD Set) Bobby Jones enters the digital age for the first time ever with the release of the most famous golf instructional films ever made, How I Play Golf and How To Break 90. Golf enthusiasts will enjoy more than 3 full hours of 18 timeless instructions from the game�s most cherished name. These films are considered a mainstay of the game. Bobby teaches both the fundamentals and the nuances of the game to some of Hollywoods most recognized names including W.C. Fields, James Cagney, Edward G. Robinson, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Loretta Young and many more. Each episode starts with a humorous skit featuring the actors and then Dr. Jones steps in to solve the problem. The first part of the 12-episode series How I Play Golf was filmed and produced by Warner Bros. in 1931, just after Bobby Jones won the heralded Grand Slam. The initial series was a hit and Warner invited Bobby back to Hollywood in 1933 to create an additional 6-episode series called How To Break 90. All of these episodes are included in this new DVD release. This incredible DVD set includes three fully re-mastered DVDs featuring all 18 episodes of How I Play Golf and How To Break 90; a DVD Chapter Description Booklet; a Bobby Jones in Hollywood 8-page Color Booklet.
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