Bobby Jones Hybrid

Bobby Jones Hybrid
Bobby Jones Hybrids The new hybrids have gone through the greatest redesign from last year. They too have morphed from a face insert into a cup-face design using the high strength CH-1 material that is vacuum brazed onto the 17-4 steel body�like the fairway woods. The cup face reduces the spin rate by 700 rpm over last year's model so the increase in carry distance is extraordinary�and they are straighter on mis-hits. The patented brazing technique provides bonding integrity between two very thin dissimilar metals�something welding can not provide. This feature is a major part of the performance of the Bobby Jones fairway woods and hybrids. Welding expends more heat than brazing, and would warp or deform thin pieces of metal long before achieving an acceptable bond. The thinner the metal, the lighter the weight; The last place you want weight is in the front wall area of the clubhead. Brazing lets us move weight to the sole, which is critical for hybrid performance. Although I retained the classic, pointed toe shape of previous models, they have a stronger and bolder look at the address position. The hybrids retain the contoured sole and leading edge that make our hybrid designs the most versatile from trouble lies (especially rough), with no chance of the heel or toe grabbing and twisting the clubhead. Inverted runners reduce drag and allow the clubhead to cut though rough or fairway sand traps. Since I believe that hybrids should be designed to replace long irons, these are adjustable for LIE ANGLE only. Just as irons can be set for lie angle to maximize accuracy, so are our hybrids. The adjustable hosel gives you a standard or flat lie option�18-21-25-30-35 degree lofts. Loft Lie Angle Face Angle Standard Length Swing Weight Head Weight Volume Face Depth Standard Flat 18� 60.5� 58.5� Square 40.5" D1-D2 230g N/A 1.26" 21� 61.5� 59.5� Square 40.25" D1-D2 235g N/A 1.28" 25� 62.5� 60.5� Square 39.5" D1-D2 241g N/A 1.30" 30� 63.0� 61.0� Square 39.0" D1-D2 247g N/A 1.38" 35� 63.0� 61.0� Square 38.5" D1-D2 251g N/A 1.43"
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Golf
BRAND-> Bobby Jones -> Single Clubs
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Price: 198.95