Bobby Jones White Fairway Wood

Bobby Jones White Fairway Wood
Bobby Jones Fairway Wood The completely re-designed fairway woods have a sleeker, more aerodynamic shape while maintaining the classic profile that Bobby Jones by Jesse Ortiz is known for. Featuring a thinner (1.4mm vs. 1.8mm), hotter face than our previous models, it is far more forgiving on off-center hits than the much hyped open, slotted designs of our competition. Key to performance are the two inverted runners on the sole that extend to the leading edge, which stabilize the clubhead's path through a variety of turf conditions while minimizing drag, ensuring solid contact with the ball. The runners slope up to the face at the leading edge, creating a negative angle which allows for an initial 'dig' upon contact with the turf, and then an immediate release through the shot. This design feature was a key factor in Jesse Ortiz's Trimetal design that was Number One on all pro tours four years running from 1998 to 2002. An adjustable hosel design allows customization for three face angle options: square, one degree closed and two degrees closed. The shallow face design instills confidence at the address position and the elegant, Lexus pearl color with the black PVD finish frames the ball perfectly. Several magazine equipment editors have said it's the most beautiful fairway wood on the market. The standard offering is Graphite Design's new, premium G-Series shafts in senior flex, regular flex, and stiff flex. An exciting new offering is the 17 degree fairway wood with the 3-wood length...perfect for the player who struggles with fairway woods. The extra loft with the extended shaft length has a higher trajectory for longer hang time. This translates to greater distance than a normal 3-wood for players with swing-speeds of 85 mph or less. Lofts available: 13� - recommended for high trajectory players with swing-speeds in excess of 100 mph 15� - recommended for most golfers with normal shot trajectories and swing-speeds of 85 to 100 mph 17� (3-wood length) - recommended for players with swing-speeds of less than 85 mph 17� (5-wood length) - to be used as a second fairway wood and a true 5-wood Specifications: Bobby Jones Workshop Fairway Wood Loft Lie Length Volume Shaft Flex Shaft 13 57 42.5 175 S/R/A G-Series 60 15 27 42.5 175 S/R/A G-Series 60 17 58 42.5 175 S/R/A G-Series 60 17 58 41.75 175 S/R/A G-Series 60  
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