Boccieri Golf Heavy Wedge

Boccieri Golf Heavy Wedge
The Heavy Wedge by Boccieri Golf - Control Series Wedge With a head mass just a few grams heavier than a conventional wedge, the Heavy Wedge gets its name from the addition of the tour proven back weighting system found in every club we produce. The 37% higher balance point produced by the back weighting system is the key to improved body mechanics affecting the swing�s plane, tempo, transition, impact and balance. You will be hitting it closer with more control than ever before. The essence of weighted design is the equipment�s ability to improve a golfer�s mechanics. By adding weight in strategic areas to manipulate the balance point, Boccieri Golf is creating fundamentally different equipment unique to the golf industry. If we can�t create a product that will improve the golfer, we simply won�t make it. The new Control Series products will change the way you play the game.  Features  • Non-Glare Satin Finish  • Back Weighting System (weight in grip end of shaft) = 65 grams  • FST Hi REV Shaft  • Custom Heavy Wedge Grip  • 8620 Carbon Steel Material  • CNC Milled Face and Grooves  • Maximum Groove Width Allowed by the USGA  • Lie Angle: 64 deg.  Models
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Golf
BRAND-> Heavy Putter -> Single Clubs
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Price: 109.95