BombTech Grenade Driver

BombTech Grenade Driver
BombTech Grenade Driver The BombTech Grenade Driver was co-engineered with the University of Vermont's Engineering department. This unique relationship and pure engineering approach created the original Dual Cavity Design. The BombTech Grenade Driver is now available with a Matrix Chi Chi Rodriguez Signature Series Shaft. The Chi Chi Rodriguez signature series BobTech Grenade driver shaft is a lighter option designed to increase club head speeds. Bombtech Golf can promise more distance and accuracy like all the big brands, but they go a step further and guarantee it. How is this possible? It's simple, Bombtech Golf uses a high end production process and premium materials. Pull the pin and experience the difference today. The Benefits of the Dual Cavity Design: * Reduces drag by 48% against a traditional shaped driver * Center of gravity at true center creates a penetrating ball flight * More weight positioned behind the sweet spot * Cavities increase accuracy on off center hits. Material and Production Advantage The Bombtech Grenade Driver is manufactured using a 2 piece cast construction and plasma welded face plate. This high end process combined with a TI-1188 face plate increases ball speeds at impact. The 1188 stands for the tensile strength (hardness) of the titanium. These materials and production process create a loud and clean sound that you will love and your friends will envy. An independent reviewer from Bunker's Paradise described his feeling when hit it solid as, "center strikes literally invoked a knee-jerk verbal reflex, whoa." You will see, feel and hear the difference. Grenade Driver Club Head Specs: Face Material: Ti-1188 hardened titanium Hosel Depth: 38mm Weight: 199 grams Face Angle: 0* Size: 460cc Lie: 59* Matrix Grenade Shaft Specs The Grenade golf driver offers a high performance aftermarket quality shaft for its "stock" shaft. The Matrix Grenade shafts employ the most advanced flag design and layup method of any shaft in its class and widens performance characteristics, ensuring greater coverage of player types than were previously achievable. Launch and spin progressively lower as flex stiffens.
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