Butch Harmon About Golf DVD

Butch Harmon About Golf DVD
Butch Harmon About Golf DVD - 2 DVD Set Butch Harmon, the world's greatest golf teacher, shares a lifetime of knowledge with you. The Butch Harmon About Golf DVD Set is the ultimate golf instructional DVD set for players of all skill levels, from the world's greatest golf teacher. Butch Harmon About Golf DVD   What's Included: Butch Harmon About Golf DVD  • 2 DVD's with more than 4 hours of content  • Instruction Booklet  • Video featuring Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and many more golf superstars. Testimonials "Working with Butch can be summed up in one word, TEAMWORK. No one has a better command in working with players who represent such a cross-section of swings. Butch made me a better player as he has done with so many other golfers." � Greg Norman "No one understands the golf swing nor has more knowledge about the game than Butch. He can help any golfer, amateur or pro. He is a great communicator and motivator. Simply put, I think that he is the best instructor in the world." � Tiger Woods   What You'll Learn from the DVDs: SECTION 1: Ball Striking, Basic Fundamentals 1. Set Up 2. Grip 3. Grip Pressure 4. Stance 5. Ball Position 6. Pre-swing Posture 7. Waggle 8. Takeaway 9. Backswing 10. Head Position 11. Downswing 12. Impact 13. Follow Through 14. Pretty Swing vs. Efficient Swing SECTION 2: Faults, Cures & Drills 1. Swing Too Fast 2. Topped Shot 3. Hitting it Fat 4. Dreaded Hook 5. Slice 6. Hook & Slice Drill 7. The Shank 8. Hitting from the Top 9. Reverse Pivot 10. Taking a Divot 11. Anger Management SECTION 3: Specialty Shots 1. Long Drive 2. Draw / Hook Shot 3. Fade / Slice Shot 4. Low / Punch Shot 5. High Shot 6. Ball Above Feet 7. Ball Below Feet 8. Uphill Lie 9. Downhill Lie 10. The Stinger 11. Fairway Bunkers 12. Hitting O! Hard Pan SECTION 4: Short Game 1. Basic Wedge Shot 2. Pitching 3. Chipping SECTION 5: Sand Play 1. Short Bunker Shot 2. Long Bunker Shot 3. Buried Lie 4. Uphill Lie 5. Downhill Lie SECTION 6: Putting 1. Putting Fundamentals 2. Reading the Break 3. Putting Drills 4. Practice Routine SECTION 7: From Good to Great (in alphabetical order) 1. Fred Couples 2. Ernie Els 3. Natalie Gulbis 4. Dustin Johnson 5. Phil Mickelson 6. Greg Norman 7. Adam Scott 8. Nick Watney 9. Tiger Woods SECTION 8: Selecting Correct Clubs 1. Irons 2. Drivers 3. Grips SECTION 9: Fitness in Golf SECTION 10: Kids/Women/Seniors
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