Cart-Tek GRX-950Li Electric Golf Push Cart

Cart-Tek GRX-950Li Electric Golf Push Cart
Cart Tek GRX 950Li Electric Golf Push Cart CartTek’s GRX950Li motorized golf trolley has a Light Weight Lithium Ion battery weighing an incredible 2.8 pounds.  This cart is designed for all walking golfers but is a fantastic electric pushcart for someone that has limited lifting capacity. The GRX950Li is an electric golf trolley bringing simplicity of design and sophisticated technology together in one of the most user-friendly electric motorized pushcarts on the market today. The GRX950Li has a sleek wave frame design that folds down compactly in seconds and further disassembles to fit into an optional carry bag that measures only 14"W x 29"L x 12"H.  The GRX950Li is the lightest and smallest folding electric motorized golf trolley available today.  The efficient 24Volt electrical platform provides more power and improved instantaneous reaction time than a 12-volt system. GRX950Li features include a 'variable speed dial' to match your walking pace. The ergonomic handle makes steering the cart relaxed and smooth. A distance control function allows the cart to move out away from you or over to the next tee box. The main system control board is sealed inside a waterproof housing for protection against damp or wet conditions on the course. The over-sized drive wheels snap on effortlessly. A useful and unique benefit is the ability to easily set the wheels to "freewheel" mode.? “Freewheel” mode is necessary in case of emergency loss of power, or when “catching a ride” with a buddy, you can pull your cart backwards without damage to the drive motors or clutches. The GRX950Li electric golf trolley is powered by a compact and long lasting 24-volt, 7.5Ah lithium ion battery. That’s This compact battery will last between 800 and 1000 charges. That is 5 to 6 times longer than a standard SLA Battery. There is enough power in this little battery to carry you safely through 27 holes.  You can feel confident, the GRX950Li is protected with a Two Year Manufacturers Warranty. CartTek’s GRX950Li electric pushcart comes with everything you need to enhance your walking golf experience and it ships with over $60.00 in free accessories: Scorecard and Ball holder, drink holder and umbrella holder.? Add an optional padded storage seat and your GRX950Li will be the envy of all walking golfers on the course. ?The GRX950Li is available in Gloss Black or Silver. Specifications: Cart Tek GRX 950Li Electric Golf Push Cart  • Frame: Aviation grade aluminum frame - Gloss Black or Silver  • Motor: High Torgue 180 watt 24 volt motor  • Battery: 7.5 amps 24 volt Lithium Ion Battery  • Range: Up to 36 holes depending on course conditions  • Dimensions Folded: 12" W x 29" L x 12" H quick release wheels  • Chassis Weight: 24 pounds  • Battery Weight: 2.75 pounds
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