Cleveland Bloom Go Womens Golf Set

Cleveland Bloom Go Womens Golf Set
Cleveland Bloom Go! Womens Golf Set Play your own way! Cleveland Golf�s Bloom line now features the Go! Set for casual players who love the course experience. Features: Cleveland Bloom Go! Womens Golf Set  • Designed For Her Swing All Bloom clubs are designed with today's modern lightweight, oversized technology for increased distance, forgiveness and fun.  • Simpler Set Bloom Go! is a 7-piece set including a light, stylish bag that�s easy to carry for a relaxed day at the course or range. Also available is Bloom Max, a more traditional set that includes 10 clubs and a cart bag.  • Fill Out Your Set When you're ready to grow your game, individual Bloom products are available for purchase, including the Niblick, 7 wood and a wristlet. Specifications: Cleveland Bloom Go! Womens Golf Set Model Loft Length Lie Swingweight Available 3-Wood 19° 41.625" 59° C4 RH/LH 5-Hybrid 23° 38.625" 63° C4 RH/LH 7-Iron 31° 36.5" 63° C5 RH/LH 9-Iron 39° 35.5" 64° C5 RH/LH Sand Wedge 56° 34.75" 64° C6 RH/LH Putter 4° 33" 70° N/A RH/LH Navy Stick Bag Included With Matching Headcovers. Available in Custom Lengths (+/- 1" in 1/2" increments).
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Price: 399.95