12inch to 17inch Circle Y Josey Ultimate Colors Barrel 1164

12inch to 17inch Circle Y Josey Ultimate Colors Barrel 1164
Josey Ultimate Colors Barrel Racer 1164~@Made In The USA WPRA_ AQHA and NBHA World Champion Martha Josey knows what it takes to build a good barrel racer for the ring. She began her career by winning 52 barrel races in a row and now is unmatched in barrel horse championship wins. That's why Circle Y and the Horse Saddle Shop are proud to bring you a saddle with her seal of approval on it. This barrel racing saddle features forward-hung stirrups mounted on the saddle with a swivel hinge. This keeps the rider's weight balanced and feet in the proper forward position. Aluminum stirrups with 3inch rubber grip bottom encourage the correct foot placement. This saddle's special features include scalloped seat jockeys_ rawhide braided horn_ and silver laced cantle. The suede seat comes in your choice of three colors. ~@~@~@Key Features~@�Free Swing_ Forward Hung Stirrup Leathers: keeps the feet forward preventing the rider from being thrown forward and off balance ~@�Stirrups: 3� wide aluminum rubber grip stirrups for comfort and balance ~@�Rigging: rawhide slots or 3-Way Adjustable ~@�Ultimate Tree: designed to Josey�s personal style and preferences with a choice of wood or Flex2 in select models ~@�Horn: 4� forward slanted horn helps to push down into your turn and pull up coming out of your turn ~@�Center Pocket Seat: for centering and balance keeps rider in stride with horse ~@�Pay Window Swells: keeps rider in correct position to hold the horn and keeps the horn available ~@�Cantle: keeps you from getting behind the horse�s stride. The seat is dished so you sit in the seat and not on it_ allowing you to stay in stride with the horse ~@~@~@Specifications~@�Color: Ultra Lite_ Regular Oil_ Antique ~@�Tooling: Floral ~@�Tree: Ultimate DURAhide Regular and Wide ~@�Silver: SSP ~@�Leather: Herman Oak Leather ~@�Rigging: 3-Way Adjustable in-skirt ~@�Swell Width: 13inch ~@�Cantle Height: 4-1/2inch ~@�Horn Size: 4inch Neck_ 1-1/2inch Cap ~@�Skirt Size: 12inch x 25inch ~@�Weight: Approximately 26 lbs. ~@
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BRAND-> Circle Y -> 1164
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