13 5inch to 16 5inch Circle Y Just B Natural Tree Free Calgary Barrel Saddle

13 5inch to 16 5inch Circle Y Just B Natural Tree Free Calgary Barrel Saddle
esigned for the barrel racer who desires the ultimate close contact feel of their horse_ or the horse who is hard to fit with traditional saddles_ the Just B Natural saddle is tree free for the most natural ride. With a wood swell and cantle_ but no bars_ the tree free saddle looks traditional but allows the horse complete freedom of movement to turn the barrels without interference from the saddle. Wool felt skirts with neoprene filler conform to the horse's unique shape and aid in shock absorption and weight distribution. The tree free design and cut out skirt shape allows the rider to be in close contact and total harmony with the horse for an extremely comfortable ride.~@The Circle Y 70 Felt Saddle pad is sold separately_ but recommended for use with this saddle. The 70 pad has a flex plate insert to help distribute weight and a gel bar pad to absorb shock. The perfect complement to a treeless saddle.

Special Features:

  • Cutback Skirt in wither area for superior comfort
  • Wool felt skirt with neoprene filler conforms to your horse's unique shape_ absorbs shock_ and helps distribute the rider's weight
  • Cutout skirt for close contact and precise cueing
  • Roughout seat jockeys and fenders_ suede seat_ and aluminum rubber grip stirrups help keep you secure and in the correct position
  • Forward hung fenders help keep your legs from getting behind you


  • Seat Size: 13.5inch_ 14.5inch_ 15.5inch_ 16.5inch
  • Saddle Fit: Medium or Wide
  • Color: Regular oil_ Ultra Lite
  • Cantle: 5inch
  • Horn: 1 3/4inch cap_ 2 1/2inch neck
  • Swell: 14inch
  • Tooling: Floral with Border
  • Silver: Beaded Edge with Crystals
  • Rigging: 7/8 Flat Plate C Rig
  • Skirt Size: 11inch x 25inch
  • Weight: Approximately 25 lbs.
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Horses
BRAND-> Circle Y -> 3912
SKU/UPC-> y3912
STATUS-> instock

Price: 1999.00


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