13inch to 17inch Circle Y Martha Josey Hiphugger Round Barrel Saddle 1173

13inch to 17inch Circle Y Martha Josey Hiphugger Round Barrel Saddle 1173
Circle Y Martha Josey Hiphugger Round Barrel Saddle~@Made In The USA When Martha Josey puts her stamp of approval on a barrel saddle_ you know to expect high quality_ high performance! ~@~@ Every aspect of this saddle is designed by Martha to keep you balanced and in stride with your horse. ~@~@ A unique rawhide rigging cuts down on bulk and weight while reinforcing one of the most important parts of the saddle. ~@~@ Available in half sizes from 13inch to 17inch. A tall 5inch cantle and vertical horn give you the presence and security to ride with confidence. ~@~@ A short round skirt is great for your shorter backed horse. And the beautiful scalloped skirt and show billets will look great on you! ~@~@~@Key Features~@�Free Swing_ Forward Hung Stirrup Leathers: keeps the feet forward preventing the rider from being thrown forward and off balance ~@�Stirrups: 3� wide aluminum rubber grip stirrups for comfort and balance ~@�Rigging: rawhide slots or 3-Way Adjustable ~@�Ultimate Tree: designed to Josey�s personal style and preferences with a choice of wood or Flex2 in select models ~@�Horn: 4� forward slanted horn helps to push down into your turn and pull up coming out of your turn ~@�Center Pocket Seat: for centering and balance keeps rider in stride with horse ~@�Pay Window Swells: keeps rider in correct position to hold the horn and keeps the horn available ~@�Cantle: keeps you from getting behind the horse�s stride. The seat is dished so you sit in the seat and not on it_ allowing you to stay in stride with the horse ~@~@~@Specifications~@�Color: Regular Oil_ Antique ~@�Tree: Ultimate DURAhide Regular & Wide ~@�Silver: SSP ~@�Rigging: Rawhide in-skirt ~@�Swell Width: 13inch ~@�Cantle Height: 5inch ~@�Horn Size: 4inch Neck_ 2 1/4inch Cap ~@�Skirt Size: 12inchD x 24inchL ~@�Weight: 28 lbs. ~@
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BRAND-> Circle Y -> 1173-2506-04
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