14inch 15inch Tex Tan Finals Champ Barrel Saddle 292218

14inch 15inch Tex Tan Finals Champ Barrel Saddle 292218

Tex Tan Finals Champ Barrel Saddle

~@Tex Tan's new Finals Champ barrel saddle has the great Tex Tan look on the outside_ but features new technology with a Ralide barrel tree on the inside.~@

~@The Ralide barrel tree (QHB) is one piece_ from horn to ground seat_ to cantle _ and is molded from a polyurethane composite for added strength. Ralide trees do not mold_ crack_ or weather like a traditional tree.~@

~@Tex Tan developed this saddle with the popular 7/8 position in-skirt rigging_ giving you a closer contact feel for more precise cues and less bulk under the jockey.~@

~@Finished in Russet color with a hand tooled floral pattern and finished with engraved silver trim (barrel racer motif) and rawhide accents on the horn and cantle.~@

~@A 5inch cantle and roughout design keep you secure in the pocket as you turn and burn.~@



  • Seat Size: 14inch_ 15inch~@
  • Tree: Ralide Barrel Racer with Quarter Horse bars~@
  • Horn: 1 7/8inch cap_ 3 1/4inch high_ Braided Rawhide~@
  • Cantle: 5inch rawhide Cheyenne roll with tooled overlay~@
  • Rigging: 7/8 in-skirt stainless dees~@
  • Finish: Russet with floral tooling and roughout jockey and fenders~@
  • Silver: Engraved silver trim with barrel racer motif~@
  • Stirrups: Aluminum Barrel Racer~@
  • Weight: Approx. 25 lbs.~@

CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Horses
BRAND-> Tex Tan -> 292218
SKU/UPC-> tt292218
STATUS-> instock

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