14inch_ 15inch Half Breed Basket Barrel Racer by Billy Cook 1901

14inch_ 15inch Half Breed Basket Barrel Racer by Billy Cook 1901
Show your competition you mean business with this beautiful racing saddle by Billy Cook. From the rawhide braided horn to the bell laced stirrups_ this saddle is built for beauty and speed. It's built on a rawhide covered tree with Quarter horse bars and features a cantle with rawhide overlay_ inskirt rigging_ and a cut out skirt for close contact between you and your horse. The light leather features a double border and Half Breed basket tooling and the seat has a unique quilted design. 27 strand cinch included.


  • Tree: BW Barrel_ rawhide covered_ Quarter horse bars
  • Seat Size: 15inch
  • Horn: 1 3/4inch rawhide braided with BC cap
  • Swell: 13inch BW Tooled
  • Cantle: 5inch rawhide overlay
  • Rigging: In skirt
  • Skirts: Cut out for close contact; artificial wool lined
  • Stirrups: 2inch bell rawhide laced
  • Pattern: Double border and half breed basket; WSO seat and fender
~@~@Although through the years many have tried to imitate Billy Cook products_ even to the point of counterfieting_ THERE IS ONLY ONE GENUINE inchBILLY COOK CLASSIC SADDLEinch MANUFACTURER. HorseSaddleShop.com is happy to sell the Genuine Billy Cook saddles made in Sulphur_ Oklahoma_ owned by Mr. Billy Cook. There are other saddle manufacturers that sell their own Billy Cook saddles. If you buy a Billy Cook saddle be sure that it is manufactured in Sulphur_ Oklahoma.
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Horses
BRAND-> Billy Cook -> 1901
SKU/UPC-> bi1901
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