Intrepid Arwen Deluxe Saddle

Intrepid Arwen Deluxe Saddle
The Intrepid Arwen Deluxe Saddle is a saddle that will be right at home in the Dixon Oval at Devon but are not nearly as pricey as your average Devon-bound saddles. With its wider seat, narrow twist and ''like butter'' leather, the Arwen became a steady favorite of our customers. The Arwen had gone to a bit of an extreme in the forward placement of the flaps. This time around we have moved them back by about one inch. This change allows for much more freedom of shoulder movement for the horse without loss of leg placement options for the rider. The Arwen Deluxe is a wool flocked saddle. The Arwen leather is a luxurious, brushed calf skin with wear leathers at the bottom of the flaps. A seriously elegant saddle. This saddle features an interchangeable gullet system.
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