Elmer"s CFC-Free Polystyrene Foam Board 40 x 30 White Surface and Core 25-Carton
Strong, lightweight and rigid with a 3/16" polystyrene CFC-free core that springs back to original thickness when cut. Smooth surface accepts screen printing, glue, paint or markers. Perfect for crafts, school projects, signage, framing and mounting. Art Board Type: Foam; Material(s): CFC-Free Polystyrene Foam Core; Color(s): White Surface/White Core; Board Size (W x H): 30" x 40".
CATEGORY-> Miscellaneous
BRAND-> Elmer's -> EPI900510
SKU/UPC-> UNS-EPI900510 -> 079946098662
STATUS-> instock

Price: 220.72


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