Officemate Electric 2-3 Hole Adjustable Eco-Punch 9-32

Officemate Electric 2-3 Hole Adjustable Eco-Punch 9-32" Hole Diameter Black-Gray-Green
Electric punch with built-in paper guide makes punching as easy as pushing a button. Adjustable 2-3 hole punch allows you to adapt the number of holes for the project at hand. High-capacity removable chip tray prevents paper jams. Includes a reverse function to help clear jams when they occur. Built-in paper guide makes it easy to punch the hole exactly where you want it. Antimicrobial protection applied to buttons and drawer helps prevent the spread of germs. AC adapter included. Sheet Capacity: 30; Operating Method: Electric; Number of Holes: 2-3; Hole Diameter: 9/32".
CATEGORY-> Miscellaneous
BRAND-> Officemate -> OIC90115
SKU/UPC-> UNS-OIC90115 -> 042491901152
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Price: 200.49