Java Desk Mug and USB Mug Warmer Set

Java Desk Mug and USB Mug Warmer Set
Boost productivity with this set by eliminating trips to the breakroom. Set includes the java desk mug (#1620-90) and USB mug warmer (#1670-48). The 14-oz. mug features a twist-off plastic lid with thumb-slide closure, double-wall construction using 18/8 stainless steel with plastic liner, and large plastic handle with comfortable thumb rest. The mug warmer works by plugging into any usb port on a computer (no software needed). Hot plate surface heats up to 150�F (60�C). Quality insulation around hot plate is designed to prevent burns. On off button. Red LED indicator light to show when warmer is turned on. 4' USB cord. Rated power: 2.5W 5V DC. Includes 1-piece gift box.
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