R.H. Peterson RG4-12-01 - 12

R.H. Peterson RG4-12-01 - 12" Golden Oak Vented Gas Logs with Burner for Natural Gas Fireplaces.
R.H. Peterson RG4-12-01 12" Golden Oak Gas Logs for Vented Natural Gas fireplaces with Standard Burner with EPK-01 Remote Capable Electronic Ignition System. No Standing Pilot (Includes RR-1 transmitter and receiver). Includes G4-12-01 RADCO approved 25000 BTU burner with EPK-01 control system (Electronic valve with Electronic Ignition control).
CATEGORY-> Home/Family -> Home D?cor
BRAND-> R.H. Peterson -> RG4-12-01
SKU/UPC-> 51843
STATUS-> instock

Price: 711.45


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