Assurance Glass Working Glasses - Green ACE IR 5 0

Assurance Glass Working Glasses - Green ACE IR 5 0
Say goodbye to the flimsy wire frame! The Assurance is an all-aluminum wrap-around frame that provides you with a stylish and sturdy way to protect your eyes. This durable yet lightweight frame comes with rugged dual-spring hinges for added reliability, completely adjustable rubber nosepads, and rubber temple pads to create a comfortable frame that lasts. ANSI Z87 approved. � Green/Ace IR 5 TECHNICAL DATA Phillips Boroscopes are designed to meet the need for the extra UV and IR protection needed when working on borosilicate glass. Phillips Boroscopes are specially formulated glass filter lenses that Phillips Safety Products exclusively owns. These lenses have been developed for the lampworking and glassblowing markets. This revolutionary product is greatly lighter than conventional laminated products and comes in a full coverage lens which this is a higher quality design because there are no areas without shading. Boroscopes should be worn when working on hard glass types where regular didymium or Phillips202/ACE are not adequate due to the fact of insufficient filtration of ultra violet and infra-red absorption. Boroscopes are available in a Phillips 3 or 5 depending on your personal preference. Liability Disclaimer: Phillips Safety Employees are not optometrists and can only make suggestions concerning eye protection. There are many types of eye protection available and we manufacture as many as possible. Phillips Safety Products does not accept any liability concerning eye damage arising from the use, misuse, or non-use of any eyewear products we sell.
CATEGORY-> Personal Care -> Safety
BRAND-> Phillip Safety -> GB-G5-ASU
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