Model W200 Radiation Glasses RG-W200

Model W200 Radiation Glasses RG-W200
The W200 is a premium protective women�s eyewear frame centered on protection, performance, and a little bit of fun. Excellent splash and side protection, head-hugging temple bars with star decals, �Jackie-O� sunglasses-style big lenses, and a durable TR-90 frame material for impact and chemical resistance all come together to make a great pair of glasses that you can feel safe wearing and happy being seen in. Featuring our standard 0.75mm lead equivalency Schott SF6 radiation safety glass lenses. Pb Equivalency Lens Lateral Frame Size Material .75mm .35mm Eye size: Bridge size: Temple size: Schott SF6 Glass � ���
CATEGORY-> Personal Care -> Safety
BRAND-> Phillip Safety -> RG-W200
STATUS-> instock

Price: 192.50