Ni-Alloy Frame Dental Loupes 5x-8x DL-XDM-

Ni-Alloy Frame Dental Loupes 5x-8x DL-XDM-
View the Frame Sizing Chart. Features: How to Pick a Pair of Loupes (click here) Razor-sharp, edge-to-edge clarity Extremely high resolution optics Lightweight design Multi-coated for: anti-glare, anti-fog and scratch-resistance Quality Warranty Lightweight,?Keplerian Prism-type binocular loupes. Maximum ease of use, combined with multi-functional capabilities. Available in a variety of working distances. Multi-coated precision lenses for superb clarity and reduced reflection. Ultra lightweight body and frame for maximum comfort. Fully adjustable viewing angle, pupil distance and flip-up function. ? All lenses are standard with .75 Pb Lead Equivalency, 1.80 High Index Lenses. ? Pb Equivalency Lens Lateral Material .75mm .35mm Schott SF6 Glass
CATEGORY-> Personal Care -> Safety
BRAND-> Phillip Safety -> DL-XDM-NI-ALLOY
STATUS-> instock

Price: 749.99