Phillips Masher PM-MASHER

Phillips Masher PM-MASHER
TP Masher - It's Back!!!! What a tool! ONLY COMES WITH FLAT ROUND HEADS. OTHER REPLACEMENT HEADS ARE ADDITIONAL The New TP Masher! TP, that's Truly Parallel! Super lightweight This Truly Parallel masher is a must have tool. With interchangeable graphite heads, this versatile tool makes flattening and shaping your glass a cinch. Features: Lightweight ergonomic handle Adjustable stop for exact pressing thickness Custom spring action, allows for mashing with ease Available heads include a round head, lentil presses, small and large radials, and larger 2" square flat heads. Heads below are sold individually rather than as a set, so that replacement of chipped or broken sides is easy and affordable. Remember to get two of the heads for one complete set! Optional Heads for Phillips Masher (click on the links below to purchase additional heads) Phillips Masher - Round Flat Head (PM-RFH) Phillips Masher - Lentil Head (PM-LH) Phillips Masher - Small Radial Head (PM-SRH) Phillips Masher - Large Radial Head (PM-SRH) Phillips Masher - 2" Square Flat Head (PM-SFH)
CATEGORY-> Personal Care -> Safety
BRAND-> Phillip Safety -> PM-MASHER
STATUS-> instock

Price: 140.00