1-1-2 Inch Simple Sling with End Hardware in Polyester

1-1-2 Inch Simple Sling with End Hardware in Polyester
Sometimes, the simplest tools are often the most effective;take the inclined plane, it�s just a ramp, right? Well that ramp helped tobuild the pyramids. Wrap that plane around a post and suddenly you have theauger that raised water from wells to ancient Rome. Shrink that auger and youhave the screw, a simple idea that currently holds most of the world together. We at Strapworks.com had one of those classic �simple''ideas, the Strapworks Simple Sling and it became one of the most useful toolswe make. It�s just a length of webbing with loops sewn at each end, but thatsling can help you move insanely heavy objects or tie-down unruly gear. So, canthis simple idea get better? You bet it can! Just add end hardware to makeyour simple sling an over achiever! This variation is in Polyester webbing which is strong, does not absorb water a fast rate, and has excellent UV protection. The abrasion resistance is not as high as flat nylon, or polyester webbing. This design is a reoccurring item in our custom department, for purposes ranging from a safety barrier to hanging hammocks. It was only natural for us to add this as a product.
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