Adjustable Leash Splitter w- 1 in Flat Nylon Webbing

Adjustable Leash Splitter w- 1 in Flat Nylon Webbing
If you routinely walk 2 or 3 dogs together, this is an ideal way to keep things under control. Hook your leash to the splitter, and the splitter leads to your dog�s collars, and away you go. This Leash Splitter is adjustable up to half the total length (ex: a 24 inch splitter can adjust down to 12 inches on each side), with a plastic slide and a plastic keeper. Keep in mind; these are perfect for well-behaved dogs of the same size. You may find yourself going in circles if the pups won't cooperate. is the #1 Internet resource for Straps, Webbing, Pet Collars/Leashes, Metal Hardware, Plastic Hardware & much more. Follow us on Twitter for links to daily specials, "Like" us on Facebook for access to a coupon code for your next order & visit our Youtube Channel.All of our Collars and Leashes are proudly made in the U.S.A by: A division of Strapworks LLC
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