AR15 Kit with FNW webbing

AR15 Kit with FNW webbing
Hunting, or just shooting, is a very personal pursuit. There is an inner satisfaction in a job well done. When you approach your sport with as much personally provided support you can, it gets even better. The fishing equivalent would be tying your own flies. This kit includes the basics for creating your own tactical gun sling. It comes with the following items: 8' 1" feet of 1.5" wide Flat nylon webbing and a 30" piece of 1" wide Flat nylon webbing, two 1.5" wide Double Adjust Side Release Buckles, three 1.5" wide slides, two 1" wide-mouth thin-bar slides, and Printed Instructions, or download the instructions here. The nylon webbing will be smoother and more comfortable than the heavyweight polypropylene.Follow us on Twitter for links to daily specials, "Like" us on Facebook for access to a coupon code for your next order & subscribe to our Youtube Channel.
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