Choke Lead w- 1 inch Flat Nylon Webbing

Choke Lead w- 1 inch Flat Nylon Webbing
NEW DESIGN!! The choke lead is mainly used for dog trials. When you have your dog running courses, this lead is perfect because it can be removed quickly and easily. To sum it up, it is like having a collar built right in to your leash giving you no more hassles with 2 pieces and a lot of hardware. Flat nylon is the most common material used because it has a nice shine to its color, and a smooth feel that is not harsh on your dogs neck. The new design is in the hardware. Typically, an O-ring is used. We have used a welded loop instead, which makes removing the strap significantly easier. It is available in a wide range of colors, and 4 standard lengths. However, there is an infinite number of custom lengths! If you need a bigger lead, just give us a call @ 541-741-0658 and tell us what you need.
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Price: 8.95