Christmas Tree Tie-Down Package

Christmas Tree Tie-Down Package
It's the holiday season once again and for all the happiness and joy that is in the air, there are also a lot of little moments of tension and aggravation. Picture this, you pack the loved ones... and your Mother In-Law, into the family car and head out to the Christmas Tree Stand; you spend all afternoon finding just the right tree and once you find one that everybody likes, its time to tie it to the roof of your car. Dealing with that plastic twine is just a pain and unless you are a sailor or a scout master, your knots never hold and you are faced with that nervous drive home hoping all the while that the tree doesn't go sliding off the roof, damaging you car or worse, causing an accident! Well is here to help keep the "Happy" in "Happy Holidays" with our NEW Christmas Tree Tie-Down package. In the package you get two, (count'em, TWO) 15 foot Cam Straps made from 1 inch wide Heavyweight Polypropylene; Both straps feature our sturdy metal cam buckles that bite down tight and hold securely. The straps come in Red (1) and Forest Green (1), in keeping with the festive holiday motif. Of course you can still use the straps at any time of the year for a multitude of needs, but we hope that every time you pull them out that they will give you that Christmas morning feeling. The Strapworks Christmas tree package is ONLY available at the holidays, so take advantage of the SPECIAL PRICING before time runs out!
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Price: 7.00