Deluxe Rafting Guide

Deluxe Rafting Guide"s Strap Kit
Since 1975, Strapworks has offeredmore styles, colors, lengths, and options for cam straps than any othermanufacturer, dealer, or distributor. These straps are not made for us. Theyare made BY us, FOR you. You get to choose any of our HWP colors (upto 23 choices in 1 inch cam straps), and you get our sturdy, standard zinccam buckle. (Of course, for the most option choices see our Super Deluxe Rafting Kit in 1 inch Utility Polyester)Quite simply, no other cam strap source offers you the variety, great prices,and customer service you will find at STRAPWORKS.COM. The Deluxe kit hasthe same twenty-four 1 inch HWP Cam Straps as the Basic kit and more!: Six - 2 foot Cam StrapsFour - 3 foot Cam StrapsFour - 4 foot Cam StrapsSix - 6 foot Cam StrapsTwo - 8 foot Cam StrapsTwo - 10 foot Cam Straps PLUS! Two - 6 foot Daisy Chain Cam StrapsThe Deluxe Rafting Kit has a regularretail price of $105.06 (that's what you would pay if you purchased each strapindividually from our website.). We are offering our Deluxe Rafting Kit at adiscounted price of $84.00. The sale price is 20% off which is anincredible offer.(If you would like to add you name or company logo to your Super Deluxe RaftingStrap Kit sublimated polyester, or perhaps have your own custom patternedwebbing created, contact our custom department via e-mail On occasion, you see a debate onstrap strength. Yes, you can buy a stronger strap. However, after 37 years ofrafting around the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, after being wrapped overnighton Cherry Creek (California), after numerous trips in the Grand Canyon, NONE ofour straps have ever failed in whitewater use. We have also tied trailers toour trucks when a ball broke! We used these straps to secure a Volkswagengenerator when a bracket broke, and hundreds of other off-beat uses. Due toabrasion and totally inappropriate expectations, straps have failed under thesecircumstances. BUT, they always did way more than should be expected and webelieve our straps represent the single best value in the marketplace today.The webbing is rated at 900 lbs., the buckles at 880 lbs., the stitching at1000 lbs. There's a trifecta you can bet on!Follow us on Twitter for links to daily specials,"Like" us on Facebook for access to acoupon code for your next order & subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE ©