Leash w- 1 inch Pattern PQ Polyester Webbing

Leash w- 1 inch Pattern PQ Polyester Webbing
If you have a large dog, or just like big, beefy leashes, these are for you. We use a truly heavy duty snap buckle and add 1 inch nylon for the look and feel of real strength. Patterned PQ Polyester webbing has an excellent resistance to abrasion, so it is ideal for the bigger dogs that have a rough tug or if you have them tied up and they have the capability to rub against objects. We manufacture our leashes to your specifications, for example, if you order a 6' leash: it will measure 6' from tip of webbing to end of handle, and the handle has a 8" open loop.Follow us on Twitter for links to daily specials, "Like" us on Facebook for access to a coupon code for your next order & subscribe to our Youtube Channel.All of our Collars and Leashes are proudly made in the U.S.A by: A division of Strapworks LLC
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