Sof-tie Motorcycle Cam Strap with 1

Sof-tie Motorcycle Cam Strap with 1" Patterned Polyester Webbing
This strap is identical to the regular Motorcycle Cam Strap except for the wonderfully built in Softie feature on the cam end of the strap. The Softie feature adds an extra length of webbing, with a sewn in loop on the cam end o f the strap, that allows you to loop webbing over your handle bars or off the frame of your ATV instead of using the S-hooks that could eventually scratch your paint or scuff your handle bars. The softie Motorcycle Cam Strap also contains a 5 inch open loop sewn into the tag end of the strap that allows you to easily cinch down your ATV, motorcycle, or whatever else you can think of using this strap for.Choosing the Buckle Pad option will add a sewn section of Black Heavyweight Polypropylene under the buckle area to protect anything beneath it from scratching.
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Accessories
STATUS-> instock

Price: 14.30