Stainless Steel Bolt Snaps

Stainless Steel Bolt Snaps
Our stainless steel bolt snaps are a pretty cool addition to leashes, purse straps, bag and shoulder straps, etc. In addition to a burnished finish (which sets them apart from the nickel plated steel bolt snaps), they offer protection against the elements so you can safely hang out on the beach, knowing your hardware will not be rusting into oblivion. Our stainless steel bolts snaps are made with the 304 alloy, a strong mid-level alloy that is affordable while offering all the advantages of stainless steel. Get some today! For more information, please click on the RED technical specs tab above.Follow us on Twitter for links to daily specials, "Like" us on Facebook for access to a coupon code for your next order & subscribe to our Youtube Channel.
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Price: 5.46