TWOCAM Kit with Patterned Polyester

TWOCAM Kit with Patterned Polyester
NEW! TWOCAM Strap Kits The coolest thing tohappen to cam buckles since, well, since forever. The TWOCAM is the inventionof Joe Strahl and the proud development of Strapworks LLC. No sewing needed!The TWOCAM frees you from the confines of fixed length straps. Use the TWOCAM in conjunction with a bulk spool of 1 inch webbing to create your very owncustom straps. Since you can adjust from both sides of the buckle, it willalways remain centered and conveniently located. Use the TWOCAM with hooks andslides for no-sew tie-downs ideal for gunwale straps or for over-the-loadtrailer tie-downs. In fact, there are thousands of applications where you canuse the TWOCAM. The TWOCAM is made of die-cast zinc and includes two soft (andvery cool) logo pads on the thumb releases. Quick and easy is the only way toexplain its use. Buy enough to keep some extras on the side of the boat for usein an emergency. Couple the buckles with your favorite 1 inch webbing.Appropriate 1 inch webbings include HW Polypropylene and Utility StylePolyester. We welcome wholesale inquiries from qualified retailers.Forbuckles only, go here
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